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Spider Veins

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Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

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We have all seen unsightly Spider Veins, those pink, red, and bluish streaks that can run up legs and cause discomfort and pain. If you have them, you know how troublesome they can be. A vein screening exam is the first step to determine whether your unsightly veins are simple Spider Veins, or more serious Varicose Veins. RGV Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Care offers free Vein Screening Exams in our Brownsville and Edinburg locations on a walk-in basis.

Once we’ve determined that you only have Spider Veins, sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice to eliminate Spider Veins. Sclerotherapy is a procedure to treat spider veins by injecting a solution into the veins, which causes them to gradually disappear. This method, which has been used since the 1930s, remains the preferred treatment for spider veins and continues to offer better results than superficial laser treatments.

At RGV Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Care, we use the latest and the only FDA approved agent for spider veins, Asclera to ensure the best results. Asclera is a safe and effective injectable irritant that has a low risk of complications and side effects.

Sclerotherapy is performed in our offices and takes no more than an hour. Most patients need 2 to 4 treatments in order to achieve the desired results. There is no downtime other than avoiding strenuous activities for the first 2 to 3 days.

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