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VASER technology supplements traditional liposuction techniques. It is important for patients to understand that VASER technology does not replace traditional liposuction – it serves to enhance the results of traditional liposuction when indicated. Many patients come to our office frustrated after traditional liposuction procedures performed at other centers because of the residual loose skin. Although there is always some natural skin retraction after traditional liposuction, this is often not enough to achieve the patients’ desired result with ultimate skin tightening – especially for the difficult “bra fat” area, arms, inner thighs, flanks (or “love handles”) and under the chin. For these areas, VASER and laser liposuction can be very useful adjuncts to traditional liposuction for enhanced skin tightening. This information is intended as an introduction, and Dr. Rodriguez will help you understand which liposuction technology is best for you during your consultation.

Although VASER Liposuction sounds like Laser Liposuction, the two technologies are very different. VASER liposuction involves an additional step, prior to the actual liposuction, wherein high frequency ultrasound energy (VASER) is used to pretreat the areas of fat to be removed. VASER stands for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance,” which is a fancy way of describing what high frequency ultrasound energy is.

Because Dr. Rodriguez has extensive experience with both laser and VASER technologies, as well as years of experience performing minimally invasive liposuction using micro-cannulas to minimize any scarring, we offer patients what we call “Smartest Lipo” in order to use the available technologies to best achieve their desired result. VASER liposuction is a powerful tool to enhance the results for redo-liposuction, liposuction for men, harvest liposuction for fat transfer (Brazilian Bubble Butt Lift®), and when additional skin tightening is desired for any areas treated with liposuction. The skin tightening results from the delivery of the VASER energy under the skin before the liposuction, which triggers collagen remodeling, causing the skin to tighten 4 to 6 months after the procedure. Hence, patients continue to see improvements after their VASER liposuction procedure long after their postsurgical swelling resolves 6-8 weeks after surgery. Using VASER with liposuction also helps decrease the swelling and recovery time after the procedure.

Our patients find VASER Liposuction to be a very satisfying procedure to remove unwanted areas of fat that just won’t go away no matter how hard they try and also achieve excellent skin tightening. Click here to request a consultation with Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez, a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Liposculpting specialist. Or, you can call his office to schedule your appointment: 956-687-8346 in Edinburg or 956-350-6561 in Brownsville.

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