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Vaginoplasty McAllen

Another option when considering vaginal rejuvenation is Vaginoplasty. Vaginal relaxation can occur from having children and other natural processes that can result in a widened or relaxed vaginal canal. Many women complain of less gratifying sexual intercourse as the more ample vagina leads to less friction and in turn less pleasure. There are many medical studies showing that Vaginoplasty improves sexual function due to increased friction.

For women who are simply too stretched out or who have true rectocele deformities (see images below), non-invasive options for vaginal rejuvination such as the ThermiVa radiofrequency probe are not an option. Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that decreases the diameter of the vaginal canal by removing redundant vaginal tissue from the posterior side (bottom or rectal side) of the vagina. The underlying muscular tissue is plicated together to add strength to the vagina and add support to the bladder and rectum. This procedure has been performed for many years for treatment of rectal prolapse and is also known as a posterior colporrhaphy. The outer vagina and perineum (area between the vaginal and anal opening) is also tightened (perineoplasty).

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