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Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction McAllen

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Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction uses laser energy to assist in the removal of fat and enhance skin tightening in the areas treated. The clinical term for this type of procedure is laser-assisted lipolysis (also called laser lipolysis or laser lipo for short), which is an evolution of traditional liposuction. SmartLipo and Lipotherme are brand names for some of the different lasers that can be used. From his years of experience, Dr. Rodriguez performs “Smartest Lipo” to cater the available technologies to best achieve your desired result. For laser liposuction, Dr. Rodriguez utilizes the Osyris Lipotherm system, which uses a very small and patented high-powered 980nm laser that directly targets the fat to sculpt and tighten more challenging areas of the body.

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in micro-cannula liposuction to minimize any visible scarring and ensure the smoothest possible result. Lipotherm laser technology allows Dr. Rodriguez to perform liposuction through tiny incisions that are nearly invisible, and the laser energy stimulates increased collagen and skin tightening for months after the procedure. When Dr. Rodriguez adds laser or VASER to traditional liposuction, it is to increase the natural skin tightening that normally occurs after liposuction. The laser’s thermal effect causes collagen remodeling and further skin tightening that continues over 3-6 months after the liposuction surgery. This results in firmer, smoother skin that further enhances your body shaping goals.

I find that adding the laser for liposuction to the neck, arms, and inner thighs results in optimal skin tightening in these delicate regions. The laser also helps to liquefy and remove unwanted fat in targeted body zones – especially in area of dense, fibrous tissue.

Our patients find Laser Liposuction to be a very satisfying procedure to remove areas of unwanted areas of fat that just won’t go away no matter how hard they try. Click here o request a consultation with Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez, a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Liposculpting expert. Or, you can call his office to schedule your appointment: 956-687-8346 in Edinburg or 956-350-6561 in Brownsville, to reveal the “slimmer you” within.

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