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Labiaplasty McAllen

Women today are much more in tune with the appearance of all aspects of their body. Some women have enlarged inner vaginal lips (labia minora) that extend beyond the typically larger outer lips (labia majora). In addition to making some women selfconscious, this is a true medical condition called Labial Hypertrophy. Women can present with multiple symptoms some due to function and/or appearance. Most commonly labial hypertrophy results from pregnancy, childbirth and hormonal changes; however there are many other causes. This results in sagging and relaxed labia so women seek to restore a more youthful appearance. Some causes are congenital and present in adolescence such as extreme asymmetry of the labia, which can interfere with sports activities and image. Regardless of the cause, the symptoms are similar: pain or interference during intercourse and discomfort with certain exercises such as bike riding. With tight clothes or swimwear there may be obvious protrusion of the labia.

Labiaplasty (surgical reduction of the labia minora) involves excision of the redundant tissue leaving NO visible scars. There are many different surgical approaches for labiaplasty such as the simple edge-excision technique versus a more complex wedge-excision technique that can leave a more natural labial edge and protect the clitoral hood. Always ensure that your surgeon is familiar with all forms of labiaplasty so that you receive the right procedure for your body. It is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia and sedation. Most women can return to work in less than a week. Physical activity is limited for 4 weeks. Patients must avoid tight clothes and thongs, and must abstain from intercourse for 6 weeks. The end result is thinner labia with a youthful appearance and increased comfort that women appreciate.

Labiaplasty also can be performed to tighten the labia majora, although often other procedures such as fat transfer are needed to plump the flattened labia majora. Unlike the labia minor, which always require surgical reduction, the appearance of the labia major can often be enhanced with newer, non-surgical technology such as the TermiVa radiofrquency probe.

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