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Butt Augmentation

Gluteal Implants in McAllen

Introduction to Gluteal Implants

Gluteal contour enhancement with augmentation has become increasingly popular. While genetics and exercise are important in influencing the baseline gluteal anatomy, patients are increasingly seeking additional methods to achieve their desired look. Presently, surgical options for gluteal contour enhancement include: liposuction alone; liposuction with fat transfer (i.e. the “Brazilian Butt Lift”); gluteal implants; or posterior body lift procedures. Each surgical approach has specific indications, advantages and limitations. A lean body habitus with a lack of adequate fat is the most important limiting factor for liposuction and fat transfer techniques for gluteal augmentation. For these patients, intra-muscular silicone implants represent the most reproducible approach.

Evaluating the buttock’s shape

The ideal butt is shaped like an upside-down heart. When evaluating the shape of the buttock, I divide its anatomy into three sections; the upper buttock, the mid buttock and the lower buttock. Each area needs to be evaluated and addressed separately to provide the optimal gluteal contour. Gluteal contour enhancement is not simply gluteal augmentation, either with fat transfer or implants. In the majority of patients, a careful analysis of the flanks, lower buttock, and outer thighs needs to be made, since complimentary procedures, such as VASER liposuction, may be required in order to improve the overall shape.

Few surgeons have mastered the art of the gluteal augmentation, and even fewer have experience with gluteal implants.

Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez with offices in McAllen and Brownsville, Texas, is a nationally recognized gluteal augmentation specialist – using liposuction and fat transfer for qualified patients, and gluteal implants when indicated. Dr. Rodriguez uses a refined technique to place gluteal implants in the proper position protected inside the thick gluteal muscle, which creates a beautiful and natural contour and minimizes implant sagging or rotation. Only one vertical incision between the butt cheeks is created, thus the resulting scar is virtually invisible, eliminating any evidence!
The goal of most women is to achieve a full and perky butt to balance the proportions of their body (especially with large breasts). For those women who exercise and cannot achieve the butt they want, gluteal implants offer an excellent option.
Dr. Rodriguez uses a special type of FDA approved silicone implant specifically for gluteal augmentation, which should last a lifetime (not silicone breast implants).  Implant size is based on the diameter and shape of the patient’s behind.

Women are very familiar and comfortable with the use of silicone implants for breast augmentation. Similarly, gluteal implants provide beautiful results for gluteal augmentation – especially for thinner or more athletic women who may not have enough fat for a good fat transfer result. The advantage of gluteal implants is that they provide extremely consistent results, without the risk of fat graft loss or not enough fat. Modern gluteal implants are FDA approved and are designed to create a beautiful and natural gluteal contour.

Dr. Rodriguez is an expert in the modern surgical procedure for gluteal implants. Unlike breast implants, which are often placed under the pectoralis muscle, gluteal implants are placed within the thick gluteus maximus muscle. This provides excellent coverage for the implant, prevents the implant from sagging over time, and protects the sciatic nerve from injury. The intramuscular placement gives an extra layer of coverage, so the implant feels more natural to the touch and has a nicer shape. In addition, the additional tissue coverage protects the implant from infection.

Patients report surprisingly little pain after gluteal implant surgery, but patients must be prepared for 2 – 4 weeks of bedrest.

The modern, highly cohesive silicone implants used for gluteal augmentation are designed to feel like a muscle, and properly sized implants placed in the intramuscular position feel very natural. Another advantage is that the highly cohesive silicone implants cannot leak and do not need to be replaced. You do not want gluteal implants placed above the muscle, since this will result in a visible, palpable implant that will quickly sag over time.


Throughout the United States and Mexico, a rash of inexperienced surgeons have 1) incorrectly placed the gluteal implant above the muscle and 2) are using breast implants instead of the specialized gluteal implant resulting in the look of saggy diapers.

Patients also want to know what gluteal implants feel like after healing. The augmented buttock has a firm but natural feel – like the feel of a person has who been working out with weights or exercising hard for many years.

To liposuction or not to liposuction? Often, Dr. Rodriguez will perform VASER liposuction to the flanks and/or the outer thighs at the time of the gluteal implant procedure to further enhance the overall contour of the butt. As detailed above, gluteal contour enhancement is not just gluteal augmentation. By combining the implant procedure with liposuction of the upper outer part of the buttock or flanks, a tremendous change in the contour and shape of the buttock can be achieved. Additional liposuction of the lower buttock and outer thigh can further improve a droopy look if needed.

To learn more about butt augmentation with either fat transfer or gluteal implants, call us to set up your private consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and an expert in gluteal contour enhancement. (956-687-8346 or 956-350-6561).

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