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Best Time to Get a Mommy Makeover

For many women, the joys of childbirth and motherhood are priceless. However, the physical changes that take place, as a result, are less-so. The loose, sagging skin, deflated breasts, stretch marks and stretched abdominal muscles can be difficult to target with diet and exercise. Fortunately, a mommy makeover can help tighten, tone and revive a body after childbirth. But when is the best time to get a mommy makeover? Here is what you need to know:

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Plan Your Makeover Post-All Childbearing

One of the first considerations when planning a mommy makeover is whether or not you plan to have children again in the future. If you do, then we recommend you hold off on this procedure. This is because the effects of carrying and birthing a child will likely undo the work that is performed during a mommy makeover. However, if you feel certain that your pregnancy days are behind you, then it’s time to consider your options.


Recover in Time for A Big Event

Although a mommy makeover will decrease overall recovery time, since the series of surgeries are performed at the same time, you can still expect a general recovery time of two to three months. This means that if you have a family event–such as a wedding or anniversary–a big vacation or a holiday of special importance on the horizon, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to bounce back.


Check Your Schedule

Ultimately, the best time to get a mommy makeover is when it fits the most seamlessly into your life. After you’ve taken potential pregnancy and big events into consideration, it’s up to you to determine when it feels right to set aside the time to perfect your individuality with a one-of-a-kind mommy makeover.


Ready to Get Started?

If you are considering a mommy makeover and would like to learn more, we are here to help. At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, we have already helped countless women in South Texas reclaim their bodies with a mommy makeover, and we are ready to do the same for you. So if you have questions and are ready to get started, do not hesitate to contact us.



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