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6 Body Contouring Myths Debunked

Achieving the body you desire can take years of proper diet and exercise. However, for many,  eliminating lingering body fat–the trouble spots that refuse to give way to your hard work–can be frustrating. Fortunately, body contouring exists to help address just that concern and leave you feeling like the best version of yourself. If you’ve been considering body contouring, but weren’t sure where to start, allow us to debunk 6 body contouring myths, so you can tell fact from fiction.


You Can Substitute Body Contouring for Weight Loss

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Although body contouring is helpful for eliminating unwanted pockets of fat, it cannot take the place of natural weight loss. The BodyTite™ procedure we use in our office is excellent at targeting fat beneath the skin and tightening the skin’s surface. However, it is best used on patients with just a little excess fat, who have already undergone weight loss and are primarily seeking skin tightening.


Body Contouring Procedures Hurt


With our non-invasive procedures such as BodyTite™ and laser liposuction, this could not be further from the truth. Given BodyTite™’s minimally invasive nature, and with the help of oral sedation with additional local and tumescent anesthesia, patients are comfortable for the duration of their treatment.


Surgery is the Only Effective Option


In the past, surgery was the only option; however, that does not mean it is the only effective option! The radio-frequency assisted lipolysis technology in the  BodyTite™ procedure works to melt fat and tighten skin, providing surgical results, without scarring. Laser liposuction is another non-surgical option that offers impressive, skin tightening and body sculpting results.


You Won’t Gain Weight Again


Although we wish that a single body contouring procedure could eliminate the potential for weight gain, that is not the case. Although the fat cells targeted by the procedure cannot return, there is still the potential for poor diet and lack of exercise to result in increased weight. As a result, staying healthy is key to the longevity of your results.


There are Too Many Risks


The beauty of the BodyTite™ procedure is that it safe and effective, producing few side effects and offering accelerated healing time, as compared to other body contouring methods.


The Procedure Is Out of Your Price Range


At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, we are proud to offer financing plans and accept a variety of payment options, so that your procedure can become financially within reach.


There is no better time to consider body contouring. Our team has already helped countless residents of Brownsville, the Rio Grande Valley and all of South Texas achieve the bodies of their dreams. So if you have questions about how we can help, simply contact us to get started.

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