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The staff of RGV Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Care views each person as unique, with a one-of-a- kind personality with a distinctive look.

Our goal is to enhance one's individuality through cosmetic surgery and vein care.

Our team of highly skilled surgeons combine skill, advanced technology and our patient's aspirations to fully develop their uniqueness.

Filiberto Rodriguez, M.D.

Samira Mohamed, M.D.

If any surgeon promises you a "perfect" result – you should question their integrity and run!

Surgical training and technical mastery are essential components as no two bodies or surgeries are exactly the same. We can NEVER make promises of perfection in medicine and surgery because the human body's natural wound healing is unique to each person. What we strive for is consistency in technical mastery, excellence in our outcomes, and dedication to service in abundance for our patients' care needs. This is what we mean by "Individuality Perfected!".

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RGV Cosmetic Surgery Vein Care -
McAllen /Edinburg

141 Paseo Del Prado Ave #101
Edinburg, Texas 78539
Phone: 956-622-5706 Map

RGV Cosmetic Surgery Vein Care -

5700 North Expressway 77
Suite 102
Brownsville, TX 78526
Phone: 956-622-5707 Map

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141 Paseo del Prado, Suite 101
Edinburg, TX 78539


5700 North Expressway 77, Suite 102
Brownsville, TX 78526


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